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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I was a slippin' n a slidin'!

Walking Connor to school this morning was an exercise in attention and consideration.  The entire way was ice and it took us twice as long to get there.  On the way home, in front of a bunch of people of course, I slipped.  I did not fall, but I slipped and hurt my hip.  I have no idea how, but boy does it hurt.  Ick.  So I am trying to not go outside walking for the next few days.  Staying vertical is always best.  ;)

I promised some new products and HERE THEY ARE!  :)

Every Breath Page Kit




By Creative Team Member, Twinkerbell


By Creative Team Member, bunnynose


I have a new template album, Finding Balance


By Creative Team Member sandersmr,


An oldie but a goodie that I have just added to the NDISB store, Paint It Up Photoshop Action Collection


By Creative Member, bunnynose


And here are a few photos from 365 project:

Day 15

Day 15

This is one of my $3 wall decals.   My mother bought me this frame for Christmas.  The way I took the picture makes it look off, but its not. 


Day 16

Day 16

I received my tote in the mail yesterday.  I just love it.  I think it looks fabulous!  :) 

Day 17

Day 17

I snapped this one of Connor before we went to school.  It just wasnt bright enough but I refused to pop up the flash.  I am stubborn like that.  Connor bought this chimp yesterday with his allowance and is just so proud of him.

Even more products and photos coming soon!  Also, I have decided to start posting a few of my man's cartoons on here.  Tomorrow we will have the cartoon he drew today, for tomorrow's paper.  Until then, you can check him out on his blog.  Yes, he finally has a blog...  :)  Sean Leslie Casey, aka Case!  Have a great day!

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