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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dr. McQT

Yesterday we all headed to the doctor's together for a big family gathering.  Seriously, my mother, my father and Connor all had appointments one right after the other.  It was a Head clan party.  :)  Connor apparently has asthma and needs two inhalers a day, four times a day.  Ick.  He is thoroughly  enthused about the whole idea and eagerly asks when he will be able to breath again.  Yuppers, thats my boy.  Today while I was attempting to get everything together he was bouncing everywhere.  I looked up to the sky said quietly, "Lord, give me the strength to deal with this child today."  Connor looked at me, as bright as ever and said, "Jesus said to tell you that all you have to do is love me."  Awwwww how adorable is that?  I could not help but laugh.  Such a good kid.  The doctor asked if anyone smokes around Connor.  I said the only people in his life who smoke are his two grandmothers, who go outside to smoke.  (Not that that helps much)  He looked at my mother and said, "Quit smoking."  I think he may have mentioned it to her before from his tone.  A few minutes later he looked at her again and said, "Quit smoking."  Ah, I love him.  I told him that he was a complete cutie and that I wanted to take him home with me.  Of course his wife and three children, oh and Sean, might stop me. ;)

Connor is constantly going with the camera, such a fantastic purchase.  I understand that most people thought that buying a six year old his own digital camera was a bad idea but he is LOVING it.  When it is not in use it is always put up and turned off.  He is always very careful and creative.  Like mother, like son, I suppose.

Day 22

Here he is watching Sean make him a paper airplane with camera in hand.

Day 22

While at the doc's, I asked him about eating clean and he gave me a mouthful about not taking herbal supplements.  lol  I explained to him about Eating Clean and he told me that it was "virtually impossible to do around here" but encouraged me to do my best.  He highly recommended buying my food at the farmer's market and I will do my best.  Sean and I checked it out before Christmas.  We found out there are little veggies but we can buy free range meat and eggs there.  A small step in the right direction.  I purchased Tosca Reno's book, The Eat Clean Diet for Family and Friends.


I really enjoyed reading it and it is already helping our diet.  Sean will not stop looking at me and telling me how great I look.  lol  AND I am down another pound this week which puts me at a 7lb weight loss since Christmas.  We headed to the Bulk Barn last night to pick up some things for our cleaner eating habits.

Day 23

Day 23

First dish is a variety of natural, unsalted nuts and seeds that Sean mixed up for us.  Then we have some ground flax seed, buckwheat flour, quinoa (pronounced keen-wa), almonds, almond butter (which is pricey but Connor LOVES it), sea salt and Sean's curry powder.  I am not big on curry but Sean likes it so I promised to make him something with it.  I also stopped at the fish man and bought some fresh salmon and cod fillets.  Yum!  I also picked up a steamer, it sounds odd but I have never used one before but am looking forward to learning new things.


Day 24

Day 24

Sean gave me this candy a few years ago.  Just the one.  Isn't he sweet?  He did not even remember when I showed it to him but he did reply with, "Wow, see, I can be romantic."  Yes, he can.  Happy hump day!

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amson said...

Amy these are such amazing photos but you are my inspiration so don't stop! I wish my girls were into photography but they only get interested on the odd occasion.

Congratulations on the new diet. We try and eat well and most of our produce is organic. You will notice the biggest difference with chicken and eggs. The taste is so much better! Good luck!