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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things that make me happy!

Yesterday I went to the mall and I bought myself some things.  No one else.  Just me.  Did I feel guilty?  Yuppers, for like a whole two minutes!  LOL  I never go out and spend my money on myself.  I generally am buying for Connor but yesterday I was feeling like I needed a pick me up.  After being sick and busy with the holidays, my house is a disaster and it has me pretty bummed out.  So many things to catch up on and so little time.  I am ALMOST done of my house but then I have to work on Nan's.  Secretly hoping some magic fairies come along and do everything for me.  ;)  So what did I buy myself?  A new house coat!  Its VERY soft and warm.  My old one, which I think is still in FINE shape, is like 10 or 11 years old.  My first boyfriend bought it for me back in high school.  So I figured it was time for a new one.  I got it on clearance for $20.  :)  Score.  I also bought myself a new neck wrap because my Magic Bag has pretty much given up on me.  I use it ALL THE TIME and its begging for a vacation.  The new one I bought is very soft and has gel in it.  We shall see how it works.  I also bought myself some wall decals.  For how much???  THREE DOLLARS EACH!  OMG!  Can you believe it?  I love them!  One is a chandelier and the other is a set of birds and birdcages.  Oh I cannot wait to hang them but first I must paint my room.  I also grabbed some green daises at Michael's to put in the vase I bought at Winner's a few weeks back, it cost me a whole $2.  Can you tell I love bargain hunting? 

Photos for the last two days!  We went into the city yesterday and I was afraid I was going to miss my photo but I had Connor's camera still in my bag.  Whew!  Have you ever noticed how often people misuse quotation marks?

Day Three

Day Three

Do they not really want us to be cautious??  Hmm???  I wonder...  I took this photo at the mall last night.  Can ya tell it was taken at night?  LOL

Day Four

Day Four

Connor and I had some hot chocolate today because of the cold weather.  First snow day of the year.  Well, more like a slushy day, very messy.  Hope everyone is having a great day!  New Grey's Anatomy tonight!  Dont forget to tune it!  ;)


Anonymous said...

Love your pics!!!

amson said...

Amy good on you for going out shopping. The only shopping I do is for the girls.

Love that hot chocolate photo!

Have a great year Amy!